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Visceral Purple Tim Chilina Glass 16" x 9"

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Stunning Purple & Blue Galaxy Inspired Internally Painted Glass Geometric Vase 16"x 9"

"I grew up in a sleepy suburb of Tacoma, Washington. After  obtaining a B.S. in Chemistry from Oregon State University in 1991, I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I currently live and work as an artist. I love the Pacific Northwest, and though I have traveled to many places I will always call it my home. I love working with glass: its heat, fluidity, and its physical demands. Each piece is a new adventure and presents its own unique challenges. Blown glass is a process, and each finished piece documents its evolution.

The nature of the medium invites interrelation between color and shape. Color and pattern are a primary focus of my work. Traditional and abstract components of form translate to specific elements of dimensional energy that combine with color and pattern to create dynamic presence. Some of the more sculptural works have assimilated figurative characteristics. Others have captured elements of transmitted light and shadow via suspension. The interactive participation of the audience and the surrounding environment is also key factor in the complete aesthetic. " 

- Tim Chilina