"Time" by Eng Tay 27" x 31"

SKU: 16398 005681

Dimensions: 27" x 31" 


Art Brokerage: Eng Tay Malaysian Artist: Artist Eng Tay employs a multi-plate process in his etchings that is enriched by the "a-lo-poupee" technique. Hand painted and rubbed, burnished, his use of this technically complex process shows painterly transitions which, when combined with multiple plates, allow for a quiet play of color harmonies, tonalities, decorative motifs, and full-blown chiaroscuro. Most of Eng Tay's work has found its greatest expression when addressing the concept of Family - the poetry of the family, of man and woman, of children, of friendship, of music, and of the natural world. Artist Eng Tay brings a universal quality, combined with personal myth into his works, and has evolved a narrative style that is lyrical, nostalgic, mysterious and exotic.



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