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"Alita's Outdoor Cat" by Kathy Donahey, Mixed Media Signed Original 15.25" x 17"

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by Kathy Donahey mixed media 15.25" x 17"
Dimensions: 15.25" x 17"
Material: mixed media

Engulfed in fantasy and whimsy, internationally known

Kathy Donahey uses romantic themes to convey the wonderful
times of life. Wine, women, song, plus gorgeus flowers,
food, and musical instruments are depicted in her lush
paintings. If these masterful works of art make a viewer
smile, then Donahey feels she has been successful.
Donahey travels extensively, utilizing her experiences in
her art. She uses acrylics, oils, pastels, collage
materials and watercolor in her colorful paintings. Her
lofty imagination dictates the medium of choice, often
combining several in one piece.