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“Raven Rising” by Gary Peterson 13.5" x 22"

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$75.00 USD
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$165.00 USD
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$75.00 USD

Gary Peterson artist – Giclee premium edition framed painting “Raven Rising” bought $165 number 1 out of 100. Bought at antique store in Port Angeles, WA

Stepping Stones

These unique editions represent the vision of Gary Peterson and his family. The goal is to take an original painting and produce from it a series of similar pleces. Each step of the process is completely done by Gary or a family member. This includes the printing, hand-enhancing with paint, and custom crafting from raw lumber the frames that echo the feel of the original. Rather than mass producing clones using a mechanical process, these pieces are more like a family with subtle differences enhancing the whole project. Each piece is created as demand dictates, and slight color varlations, brushwork, frame finishes are encouraged. The result is that the collector can own a plece that is its own way is an original, even though it belongs to a series of very similar pleces.

Only the finest materials are used and each piece is hand signed and numbered. All editions are strictly limited to a hundred pieces.