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Geometry Jumbo Sideboard 97" W x 16.5" D x 40" H

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This large (re: VERY large) sideboard is a modern take on the classic geometric pattern, with subtly contrasting finish lightness, darkness, and variation within the tonal range. Crafted from kiln-dried oak, this sideboard is a striking addition to your living room.

The raw timber is machine cut, pressure treated and kiln dried, and then used to produce a variety of hand finished silhouettes and collections. Additionally, it features the work of skilled carpenters and craftspeople who produce hundreds of uniquely beautiful items using some combination of new and reclaimed woods, found objects, metals and fabrics.

All wood used is either harvested responsibly through the Forestry Commission, or reclaimed and repurposed from its original use in buildings, boats, trunks, etc-even railroad ties-and all stains and finishes used are certified as Eco-friendly. 

The metals used are forged using safe and responsible methods. Each step of the production process is designed to preserve and respect individual talent and tradition-and also to conform strictly to internationally recognized fair labor, conservation, and safety practices.


Dimensions: 97" W x 16.5" D x 40" H