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Carl Spitzweg Vntg Copperplate Etching 15" x 12"

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This Wonderful Etching is hand signed in German by the Original Engraver. It is a Copperplate Engraving which is a very exacting, time consuming, and painstaking technique versus printmaking or wood engraving which later replaced it. Copperplate Engravings produce a richness of detail with soft contrast, and intricate fine lines. This Beautiful Etching has these special characteristics with an exquisite old world quality warmth, and depth of perception. It features the art of famed Artist Carl Spitzweg, originally mastered as an oil painting on canvas, who was a German romanticist painter and poet. He is considered to be one of the most important artists of the Biedermeier era.
The Etching is signed in pencil underneath the image with the information. On the left states the years of 1808 - 1885 with Carl Spitzweg's name. Carl Spitzweg is a.k.a. Karl Spitzweg as seen here. In center is the name of the painting in German "Ständchen" which means Serenade. The art depicts musicians with their musical instruments serenading in the evening air. On the right are the words "Orig. Hourolkupferdruck". The word Kupferdruck translates to copperplate etching, therefore this is an Original Copperplate Etching. There is a professional embossed frame around the image. The paper is a heavy weight quality cold press illustration paper used for watercolor. This is used so the color absorbs deep into the paper and picks up all the tones.

15" x 12"